SPA V.I.P. Membership

Invest in the health of your body and skin with monthly treatments targeted to your concerns
Spa VIP Membership Benefits:
  • Monthly choice of a 1 Hour Swedish Massage for $60, or a 90 Minute Swedish Massage for $80
  • $50 Introductory price for the first month for the 1 Hour Membership ($60 thereafter)
  • $70 Introductory price for the first month for the 90 Minute Membership ($80 thereafter)
  • Discounts on service upgrades:  $10 off 90 Minute Massages, $10 Off Specialty Facials, $10 Off The rapeutic Hot Stone Massages. All other upgrades will be charged at the standard upgrade price. 
  • Receive additional 1 Hour Swedish Massage for $60 or an additional 90 Minute Swedish Massage for $80 during the month (*cannot be transferred )



SPA V.I.P. Membership Policies &


  • After a 3 month waiting period, a cancellation form and $110 fee must be submitted to cancel a contract prior to the end of the agreed membership 
  • Members may transfer the use of their monthly services to non-members. A fee of $5 per service will be charged. Non-members are not eligible for discounts on products or additional monthly services.
  • Any unused services will roll-over to the next month for the duration of your membership. Remaining services after membership has ended will be charged at full price if contract is not renewed. 
  • Membership discounts cannot be combined with any other offers..
  • Clients whose contracts are cancelled either by request or non-payment cannot re-enroll for membership for 6 months from cancellation date.
  • Contracts automatically renew at the end of their term.
  • The Look Incorporated reserves the right to terminate or not renew membership contracts for any reason.